When stampeding in a creative direction—Hang on.

Cobwebs and dust bunnies have run riot in this little blog. I’m spending a bit of time today chasing the dust out of the corners to freshen up this uninhabited corner of the Internet. 

I’ve been slow to add bits of blather to my blog—I have been busy. My focus has been galloping in different directions.  
Here’s a few things I’ve accomplished and can show without breaking confidentiality with a client.
So…what’s my problem with getting to my blog? 
um…. Focus. 
Huh? How to you pick one thing to focus upon when there’s so much to see and draw!
For me, it’s a daily challenge to dedicate time on an inspiration without wondering if there’s a better idea “out there” that should be explored. Starting new self-directed art is like riding a wild horse. I clumsily hang on for dear life as my creative ride lunges and lurches–galloping in directions unforeseen. I awkwardly attempt to keep my tush in the saddle, and wonder with brain pounding adrenaline–if the journey will end with a soft landing… and an idea worth keeping.
Having focus and some knowledge about how to control a wild ride would make the journey easier. Then again, there’s a certain serendipity in the out-of-control creative romp that can provide moments of pure eureka. 
Here’s to the untamed creativity that stampedes in all of us. 
Up for a ride today? 

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