Who Is Steve McAfee And What The Heck Does He Do?

It’s been pointed out to me that I may not be using my blog to it’s full potential.

Sure it’s fun to do-I like posting an interesting variety of things-at least interesting to me anyway.
I get pretty good visitor numbers that have slowly but steadily been rising.
But this year I want more.

Here is a handy list of “What The Heck Steve McAfee Does”. I will repost this from time to time as an easy to use guide.

I do books, magazines, newspapers, cds, posters and illustrations for ad agencies and design studios.
You can see samples at any of these links:

I do creative portrait photography, fashion photography, glamour photography, travel photography, musician photography, restaurant & food photography. I’ve photographed many women for their modeling portfolios or just because they would like some beautiful photos of themselves. I have a show of these coming up in April-more on that later.

You can see samples at any of these links:
Posts here on my blog in the food and food & wine category –here’s a good one.
Also my other blog Food On My Lens will feature my photography.

Renderings (Photoshop) for ad agencies and event marketing companies. These are used in their presentations to pitch ideas to potential new companies or brands.

You can see samples here.

I do mixed media collages, paintings and drawings.
Those can currently be seen on Etsy.com and on the walls at The Toasted Pheasant Bistro in Tampa.

My work is available at these online locations:

So there is my ad about me.
I hope it is helpful for any potential fans and clients!
Now I have to go make some more art.

See full post here: The Phantom Darkroom2011-03-08.