Brendan Totten is a Rube Goldberg machine that converts coffee into drawings, prints, and illustrations. Originally cobbled together from spare parts in and around Washington D.C., his mechanisms were refined at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where he now resides. Totten has created work that can be defined as conceptual, realistic, or whimsical, seeming comfortable with all styles. His work has been featured in American Illustration 35 and American Illustration 38. Select clients include Artcrank, REI, Rhode Island Monthly, Harwich Junior Theater, Huntington News, and IndieMedia.

Jen Barger was born in Texas, but eventually she made her way up to Minnesota, attending University of Minnesota and receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Design. After graduation she spent time in Miami, Amsterdam, and San Francisco to attend the Miami Ad School. There, she honed her illustration, design, and art direction skills, and learned to live in more moderate climates. After spending over 11 years working as a designer and an art director, Jen followed her passion to full-time illustration. She currently lives in Berlin with her husband where she happily works for a variety of clients while drinking very strong coffee. Barger was the winner of 2015 Preferred Choice award by Creative Child for the Kids Holiday Books category.

Garth Glazier is an illustrator by profession and a fine artist at heart, and is represented by American Artists. Glazier is a storyteller that uses design, pattern, and shape in his illustration. Portraits and landscapes are the major themes in his work, as well as technology. His work reflects an eclectic mix of influences from the world of illustration and fine art. The primary thrust of Glazier’s work over the last 30 years has been an ongoing interpretation of the Art Deco movement, and he has produced collections on everything from botanical graphics to canyon-lands. Glazier say that “as a member of the “creative class,” I think you should ask yourself every day whether you are advancing your creative abilities and contributing to your knowledge and professional goals.” Influences on his work have included Andrew Wyeth, Clyfford Still, Georgia O’keeffe, and Arthur Dove.

Rob Hefferan is an established and reputable British artist who has been working in the creative industry since 1993. He has a great reputation as one of Britain’s foremost realistic figurative artists and his fine art paintings are eagerly sought after by collectors. His favorite medium is acrylic and or oil on canvas, but is a master of many other styles as seen in his portfolio. Brave, forward thinking, and always challenging, Rob experiments with themes, moods, and styles to create thought provoking visual statements that inspire us to see beyond our limited and cultural frames of reference. Whether working with chalk, pastels, oils, or acrylics, Rob’s ability and innate flair see him capture life as it is lived. Rob has worked for a number of Blue Chip clients including BMW, Lays, The Post Office, Tesco, and Nestle.

Adam Koon is an illustrator and designer who finds inspiration in organic and whimsical designs. Passionate about making artwork, Koon has said “I love to make. Making is something that’s fun and, most of all, making is something that shouldn’t be limited to one category.” Koon is fond of almost everything art-related, and is always looking to harness a new skill. Koon credits being blessed with several awesome job opportunities that really helped him to find who he was as a designer, and developed his own style in the world of design, illustration, and lettering.

Neil Webb is an English illustrator who is represented by Debut Art Ltd. He studied illustration at Middlesex university, and his post graduate studies at Central St Martins school of Art and Design. Webb’s aim is to provide a concise visual solution in a strong and immediate graphic composition. Much of his work has a conceptual take that provides a visual twist and depth to the image. Ideas are very important to Webb’s work, as are colors and shapes! Inspiration comes particularly from early 20th century design, lithography, and screenprinting. He has honed his work illustrating for such clients as – The BBC, The Royal Mail, The New York Times, Nature, Publicis, Caspian Publishing, M&C Saatchi, The Economist, and The Financial Times.