World War II diary design

Design of a unique collection of handwritten second world war diaries.
























Last summer I got the opportunity to collaborate on a unique project. World War II diaries 1940-1945 (or in it’s original Dutch title ‘Dagboeken uit de oorlogsjaren 1940-1945) is a collection of handwritten books from the second world war. Written by Han Gerritse, owner of hardware store chain in the Netherlands Gerritse. The books were collected by his son Dim Gerritse, and contain newspaper clippings, illustrations, maps, photo’s and other visual material from those days. ‘My father was 13 years old when the war broke out, the book describes the world wide battleground, as well as every day life in a captivating way, through the eyes of a young boy.’ Maaike de Lange was responsible for the linguistic part (and endless patience): ‘I have tried to keep the (old) spelling and interpunction as close to the original as possible.’ Leon Mussche was responsible for the graphic design of the book. ‘Form follows function here, and I chose a sober and simple design. But the expression of the handwriting plays an important part in the design of the book.’

This book will be the first product that can be ordered though my new online webshop and is available as of now. The book is written in Dutch, but is shipped to Dutch speakers in Europe, the United States and Canada as well.


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