Yea, I draw too…

The Hound
©2017 Copyright, Joseph A. Wraith 
  I love, love drawing, doodling, or cartooning, but since I have aged my eyes are not what they used to be, thank God and Apple I have an iPad Pro! It allows me to doodle freely using an Apple Pencil at any size I want so I can see the details of my work, which in turn keeps me from straining my eyes.    I remember as a kid just spending the day doodling and letting my imagination run away.  I have never been educated to be an artist, I kind of picked it up from my artistic heroes, learning line weights, the thick and thins from Disney and MAD artists like Mort Drucker, or Don Martin.   I was never into hero comics that much until Image Comics made their debut with Spawn.   That brought hand inking to a whole new level for me.   Crisp clean think and thins are awesome when done right at the right places.   They really help sell dimension in a simple Black and White image.  One of my favorite artists today is Scottie Young of ‘I hate Fairy Land’ comic fame.   He is very loose, but very stylized, and clean.   His color usage is beautiful as well.  Anyway, I think I’m going to continue to do more caricatures of some of the other GOT characters, it’s just plain fun!

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