Zerofractal Bring to Life Dean Koontz’s New Book

Zerofractal bring to life the cover of the latest Dean Koontz book Odd Apocalypse. The novel is the fifth in the Odd Thomas series about a short-order cook who can communicate with the dead. Readers who buy the hardcover copy can use their mobile phone or computer webcam to see an exclusive animation of one of the main character’s visions.

Zerofractal worked closely with Random House on the app. The first challenge was to track an image and not just a black and white square. The second was to integrate it into the existing Dean Koontz app created by Mobile Roadie. Zerofractal used Maya for all the CG content from modeling to texturing to animation. The final content was passed through Unity3D, a game engine. From Unity, they did three various builds for iOS, Android, and Flash. The build is revolutionary, as this type of Augmented Reality solution where content can be created in Unity3D and be built for iOS, Android, and Flash has never been done before.

The Odd Apocolypse Augmented Reality is available for purchase now.

See more of Zerofractal’s work here.

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