Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,240 and a half.

So WordPress had another update and decided it’s got better things to do than upload images. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled posting some time on Sunday.

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Winston Churchill

To commemorate the death of Winston Churchill – 50 years in 2015

I have launched my E-Book based on my 101 Creativity tips

You can find the book here:- 101 Creativity TipsI have really enjoyed creating it and I really hope that the people who read it find it useful, that it helps them to be more creative.

Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,240: For My Own Good.

I really want to go out and play Magic tonight. I even made a new (and probably not very good nor as interesting as I hoped) deck.* But, since I’ve been sleeping really poorly this week and the thought of … Continue reading

Quintessential New England

Like a town stuck in time but with the occasional hole in the space-time continuum to allow for modern touches, Newport, with its stunning harbor and bevy of old homes, is the quintessential New England town and a destination we (my family) utterly adores. Above is a page from my sketchbook during one of our visits. […]

Carrie May for Psychologies Magazine

Carrie May was delighted to be asked to illustrate this months dossier for ‘Psychologies Magazine’. Carrie created a series of artworks for the 8 page guide to finding happiness. To see more of Carrie’s work please click here.