2015 Reuben Awards Cover Art and Speakers

Clockwise from far left: Nick Galifianakis, Mort Drucker, Brian Crane, Doug Mahnke, Mark Anderson, Jeff Keane, Ann Telnaes and Juana Medina- (Clicky to Embiggen) Members of the National Cartoonists Society will be receiving the official brochure for the 2015 Reuben Award Weekend in their mailboxes in the next week or so. My cover art above. […]

Thrust In Your Sickle

Thrust in Your Sickle- 11″ x 17″  digital, by Greg Newbold.This recent illustration is a reminder to me that you are most likely to get what you work the hardest for. Farm iconography has always been appealing to me. Probably because as a young ma…

Winter Birch Scene

These birds in winter were created for a DVD cover. The client chose the color palette, but I also adore the subtle muted colors punched up by the red berries and the birds. As I look on it in sunny Florida, I actually feel a chill.

Winter Birch Scene Winter Birch Scene Winter Birch Scene Winter Birch Scene Winter Birch Scene Winter Birch Scene 

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Dragon Child

This piece was commissioned for a training session for psychologists and counselors entitled “Wake the Sleeping Dragon – Nurturing the Divinity Within Each Child”. The creative brief contained the following information: The popular children’s song “Puff the Magic Dragon” told the haunting but bittersweet tale of a child who befriends a wonderful and mystical creature, only to discover that the magic fades as childhood is left behind. More recently, the best selling Eragon book series by author Christopher Paolini depicted a trilogy of epic and enchanting dragon tales. Throughout time mankind has associated the dragon with an alluring power and…

Dragon Child Dragon Child Dragon Child Dragon Child Dragon Child Dragon Child 

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A very special dog house

This might not look like your ordinary doghouse, but it is for an extraordinary dog. Patterned after gingerbread infused Victorian architecture, this is one special house. I suppose it works equally as well as a dollhouse or play house too.

A very special dog house A very special dog house A very special dog house A very special dog house A very special dog house A very special dog house 

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inrocks 1000

Demain, parution du numéro 1000 des Inrocks !

inrocks 1000

Hot Frog’s hottest work 2015-01-27 05:44:00

• 2015 starts with a few beers! •

• 2015 starts with a few beers! •
A Happy New Year to you all, bit late I know. The year did kick off with a busy few weeks of work, and again, none of which I can post as yet.
But I also produced quite a few beer clips and labels for one brewery or another, and here are two of the ones that are not embargoed at the moment.
One of my new years’ resolutions was to bake more bread, that’s already ticked and done and I’m onto my 7th loaf today.
Other, none specific promises to myself, are to finally get my last 2 picture books completely finished and off to some publishers, or agents maybe.
Please remember these images are all strictly copyright. You may click on them to enlarge – but not to post on your T shirt designs-website and offer them up for sale! ©

Charlotte & Zaani.

Charlotte & Zaani.

When new Mummy Charlotte Bevan walked out of a maternity hospital just days after having baby Zaani on the coldest night of the year so far, I, like most of the country watching the news thought she would be found chilly and disorientated but safe on the streets of Bristol in no time.

But wearing just the hospital’s standard-issue slippers and without a coat, baby wrapped in a blanket, her chances were skinny, and my optimism turned to vivid fear for this young woman I’d never met, my concern for whom could not be explained beyond my repeating of the phrase ‘but she looks like…like people I know’. The image of her walking determinedly across the city, talking to her baby and headed only she knew where, was not shown anywhere on TV, but played vividly and endlessly over and over again in my mind. As her own Mummy and her partner reassured her on screen that they whatever had happened they only wanted to ‘go forward’, the contents of my mind grew darker.

In the end I knew with complete conviction I had to draw the pair of them, and I finished this spontaneous picture as the news broke of the terrible outcome up on the Avon Gorge. It is unlike me to be so gripped and distressed by a news story, but this urge to capture a moment in the life of a woman I’d never met went beyond reasoning and superseded any deadlines that day.