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Zizzi Camulodunum!

Roman inspired mural

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star mural

Zizzi Ristorante commission James Grover to create two murals for a refurbishment of their Colchester restaurant.
The first of the murals was inspired by Roman pottery and mosaics, James immersed himself in the history of Colchester (or Camulodunum as it was known in Roman times) to make this gorgeous decorative piece. The second appears on the stairway at the restaurant, a star in the night sky with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” written around the edge of a diamond – originally written as “The Star” by English poet and former Colchester resident, Jane Taylor. Both works of art were painted using acrylic paint pens and emulsion, and surely transform the interior from restaurant to gallery!

Creative Review – The Illustration Issue

 spreads from the ‘Someone to Watch Over You’ feature

February’s issue of Creative Review is an Illustration Special!
Our Senior Agent Victoria Pearce took part in a round table discussion along with three other Illustrator’s agents resulting in a five page article entitled “Someone To Watch Over You”. Covering topics such as the state of the industry, how illustrators can develop their career and what agents look for in new talent, the pages also show work from Judith Van Den Hoek, Jacqueline Bissett and Chrissy LauChris Gilleard & Nuno DaCosta are also mentioned in the feature. See the Creative Review blog for more…

Fashion Horoscopes




Montana Forbes completes a set of horoscopes for IKON images.
The three here; Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini are just a taster of the beauties Montana has created for the company who primarily deal with stock imagery. Montana says “I’ve always had a keen interest in the horoscopes and was really excited to tackle the subject matter for the very first time. After much research, I was inspired to create unique fashion and beauty portraits that incorporated elements and characteristics associated with each sign but without them being clichéd depictions.” See all twelve in Montana’s portfolio.

Owls are in the Air

logo for Little Owl Urns

ad for Rockwood and Perry

Kathryn Rathke completes two beautiful owl commissions using her confident and stylish line.
Custom-designed urns maker ‘Little Owl Urns‘ asked Kathryn to create a logo for the bottom of their ceramic and wooden pots; made for beloved pets. The second was for the wine merchant Rookwood and Perry in the Hudson River Valley to use as an advertisement for their shop. With the image of the nocturnal bird being used quite widely right now, Kathryn says “Owls are in the air!”

Bar Nana

Fashion illustrator Gustabo is asked to create a contemporary face and persona for Bar Nana.
The exclusive lounge and restaurant located in the meat packing district of New York, takes its name from the French Nana made famous by the novelist Emile Zola and director Jean Renoir. Gustabo has used his sophisticated style to illustrate the iconic female, which is being used by the celebrity, model and fashion insider’s ‘hang out’.

Bill animates Trans-Atlantic Tumnus

Bill Greenhead‘s latest whiteboard animation is a music video for Free Swim.
The group asked Bill to make a video for their latest rock track “Trans-Atlantic Tumnus”, and of course Bill jumped at the opportunity. He says ” The track gave me a chance to try out lots of new techniques in whiteboard art. I wanted to be able to place static objects and for them to spring into life. Lots of 3d animation with UFOs and robots. It’s a fun track to animate.” Watch the animation.