Here is another book Ive been working on recently, called Granny Cake. It is aimed at a young reader demographic, ages 6 -12. The basic premise of the book is to encourage children to eat a balanced diet. The idea is that the work could be used in conjunction with other methods to encourage children into good eating habits, I thought it would be fun to give them what they truly wanted (sweet things) and then give them the healthy eating message at the end. I wanted to create a book that was simple and clean in format. Far less detail and complexity than my previous books. I also decided this time to create my own hand written text, this enables far more freedom, and so I will be continuing with this method for future work. This approach takes far less time, although I am mindful that a great impact can be made, and so I will be pursuing this way of working again for future books. I have decided to self publish this book. Its good to have self initiated work running in between commissions, I know many illustrators employ this practice. I will be utilising Amazon, along with Ingram spark and Lulu publishing formats concurrently, this is a new direction for me and somewhat of an experiment, to test the water so to speak. I will also be doing the same with my previous book Little Jack’s Big Adventure. ( I will leave the whole book on my blog for you to read for now) until I publish it. It is great to be able to create books for other people, however I do need an outlet/method to quickly publish my self initiated work, as I can produce these quite frequently. Granny cake has taken around 3-4 weeks to complete, from start to finish. The story itself (text) is only 250 words, and so that has brought down the time aspect of production. I will aim to complete many more of these short stories. The images are in order: