Featured Image Carlo Stanga :: Morgan Gaynin

Illustrated maps can serve a myriad of purposes ranging from magazine features to advertising material. The combination of color choices and hand-lettering can make them more appealing and interesting than the boring “black and white” map we’re so used to seeing.

Check out these particularly engaging maps created by the Directory of Illustration Artists:

Cheryl Orsini
Cheryl Orsini_ Illustration Room

John S. Dykes :: Gerald & Cullen Rapp
John S Dykes

Andres Lozano :: Folio
Andres Lozano

David Lindroth
David Lindroth

Mathilda Holmqvist
Mathilda Holmqvist

Chad Geran :: Art Rep NYC
Chad Geran_ArtREpNYC

Carlo Stanga :: Morgan Gaynin
Carlo Stanga

Maria Rabinky

Gary Venn :: Lemonade Illustration Agency
Gary Venn

Anna Hymas :: New Division
Anna Hymas_New Division

Lucy Dalzell
Lucy Dalzell

Priya Mistry :: Column Arts Agency
Priya Mistry_ColumnArts

Serge Seidlitz :: Bernstein & Andriulli

Maciej Frolow :: Lemonade Illustration Agency
Maciej Fralow

Peter McDonnell :: Linda de Moreta
Peter McDonnell_LindaReps

Shaw Nielsen :: Gerald & Cullen Rapp
Shaw Nielsen_GeraldCullen

Russell Cobb :: Début Art Ltd.

Anni Betts
Anni Betts


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