In my last post I explained my reasoning for illustrating children’s books in the style I choose. In the realm of general illustration  I don’t have a style as such. One, because I get restless sticking to one mode of expression, I prefer to experiment and aim for different approaches to visual explanation. And two, because I have found, that contrary to popular belief having one style is not conducive to maximize potential profitability. My current website is a testament to this, I have shown a far reaching breadth of styes that may have potential for work acquisition. I have divided the work into broad categories: Children’s books, Publishing/Advertising, Editorial/Publishing, and digital. within each category there is work that I would hope offer inspiration and possibilities to prospective clients and art directors. There is no right and wrong in illustration, in that anything is permutable as long as it is technically proficient, and it actually tells the relevant story in a meaningful way, if it does its job then it is correct and viable. That is notwithstanding the contemporary world illustrators find themselves in today. History has moulded and fashioned new ways to produce illustrations, and with the advent and proliferation of technology, well, the world of illustration is now broader and forgiving as far as what is acceptable and what is not, and, in turn, the professionalism of illustration has generally been undermined. Society is still not convinced of the status of illustration, maybe because drawing and painting is still perceived as not worthy of accolade. What ever the reason, most Illustrators still find themselves on the lower rung of the ladder socially, even as highly qualified practitioners. Anyway, we all have our bugs to bear seemingly. Below are a few examples from my website, were the diversity of style and application is evident.

                                                                          Oil on board

Digital, Z Brush/photoshop

Oil and acrylic
Acrylic/mixed media

Digital, Coral painter 12, photoshop