António Adrião, lead of AAARep, has worked in the industry for the last 42 years. Adrião has helped clients worldwide to find the right artist, photographer or animation studio to create the unique imagery they need for their marketing efforts. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with art directors and designers through all stages of the creative process, in order to find the best choice of talent to match their needs and follow through to ensure the ultimate creative solution. Adrião has worked on everything from advertising, to publishing, animation, and interactive campaigns, both large and small. Fluent in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish, Adrião can assist a vast number of clients. The company, AAA Rep., is based in Portugal, and the talent that it represents is located all over the world. The physical location of the client and talent is irrelevant, as AAARep connects people all over the globe.

Below are four outstanding AAARep artists who are also Directory of Illustration members: Lee Ford, UTÖKA, Alexander Jackson, and Phil Saunders. Check out their portfolios by clicking on the images, and explore more work by AAARep artists here!

Lee Ford

Lee’s unique approach to graphic image making has a strong connection to traditional print based methods and has evolved through many years of experimentation. These traditionally printed elements are combined with digital and analogue graphic processes, creating a playful, visceral, visual language that explores both concept and aesthetic in equal measure. Lee describes his passion of graphic processes and obsession with surface texture as playful, expressive and emotive.


UTÖKA is a world-class collective of talent, skilled at transforming ideas into innovative, cutting-edge content for commercials, film, music videos, print, and advertising. They pride themselves on offering clients a collaborative team consisting of directors, designers, art directors and animators who have a passion for innovation.

Alexander Jackson

Originally trained in fine art and traditional painting techniques, Alexander Jackson studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art, where he developed a more graphical style. Influenced by pop-culture, film, music, animation, and a broad range of visual art, his work often deals with responding to mainstream media, while at the same time showing a keen interest in character.

Phil Saunders

Phil Saunders is a graphics illustrator and designer who is based in Versailles, France. He has a background in advertising, film, and television production with his particular skills being in science and technology. His remarkable work has been published globally in everything from front covers for prestigious publications, to complex video productions for major research institutions.