RappArt is a global illustration agency that represents nearly 100 award-winning artists from around the world. Founded over 70 years ago, RappArt has collaborated with many of the legendary talents from the golden age of illustration. Today, their artists create content for conceptual editorial illustrations, motion graphics, graphic novels, package design, and advertising campaigns. Continue reading to check out some select project highlights showcasing some of the unique styles that make up their all-encompassing collective of illustration talent.

Jan Feindt | Washington Post

Jan Feindt was commissioned by the Washington Post to illustrate The Mueller Report Illustrated, a non-fiction graphic novel adaptation of the current events surrounding the Mueller report. This graphic novel is available as a printed book and an animated digital project. The Mueller Report Illustrated was art directed by Katherine Lee with support from Brian Goss, Gregory Manifold, and Suzette Moyer, text by Rosalind Helderman, digital build by Lucio Villa, animation by Kolin Pope, edited by Matea Gold, and audio by Matt Collette.

Check out Chapter 1 of the digital The Mueller Report Illustrated here.

Richard Mia | TBWA \ Paris

Conceptual illustrator, Richard Mia, partnered with Paris’ town hall, Ville De Paris, to create a direct marketing campaign promoting sustainability and a healthy lifestyle for their citizens. Richard Mia illustrated 15 posters celebrating life in Paris, which can be seen all around the streets of this beautiful city. The project was realized through the major advertising agency TBWA/Paris.

Kotryna Zukauskaite | The New York Times

Kotryna Zukauskaite created a series of illustrations for the New York Times’ Special Report, DealBook. This issue, titled, “Business Takes on Policy,” discusses business and civic leaders’ responsibility in solving the biggest challenges faced by our nation. Kotryna illustrated the cover image as well as six spot illustrations for the New York Times that accompany each section of the report.

John Jay Cabuay | Chronicle Books

“Cabuay supports the lyrics with the kinetic flair of a music video in boldly colored, textural pencil and digital illustrations that convey the vitality and imperative force behind Bob Marley’s message. Scenes, for example on a schoolyard, in which children are bullied or isolated are transformed, over page turns, into situations in which their peers earnestly step up to defend and include them (“Stand up for your rights”). An energetic read aloud that promises to pump up young dissenters and peacemakers.”

To check out more artwork by RappArt illustrators, head over to the agency’s Directory of Illustration portfolio or website.