Creating a Lasting Brand Impact: An Interview with Bea Garcia

The Directory of Illustration is proud to present an interveiw with Bea Garcia: an Amsterdam based artist originally from the Rock of Gibraltar. With a  penchant for history, heritage, and brand stories, we sat down with her to see why illustration is the new branding essential.

Ancient Greece
Mixed media

Tell us a little bit about your artistic style

I’d describe my artistic style as bold, modern and classy. My color palette is heavily influenced by 14th century Italian painter Giotto, which gives my artwork a sophisticated touch. The juxtaposition of my use of strong straight lines lends a modern feel to each piece, and the combination makes for unapologetic art style that captivates the viewer’s attention.

Porto, Sao Bento
Mixed media

Why is color scheme so important?

Nowadays, we are closer to our brands than ever before. They form a big part of our life and brand relationships are built on trust. A strong way to build this trust is through the color palette of an artwork, because a brand’s color choice can either inspire trust, or distrust. My Mediterranean palette, for example, emits warmth and a sense of longevity, which are both important factors that can help influence a client’s buying decisions in the online marketplace.

Mixed Media

What attracted you to telling brand stories?

Brands are our modern day fairytales. They help to make dreams come true whether it is buying the newest phone or that piece of jewelry that you have been saving up for. I’m interested in documenting the journey of a brand and helping to create a closer intimacy with their customers. When you know the history of the brand you already love, it makes you feel like a part of their journey. My role is to document that journey and make it well known.

Mixed Media

What are some of the benefits of using artwork for branding?

Using artwork is a great way to automatically distinguish yourself from your competitors. Not only is it more cost effective than traditional photoshoots with models, it also has a longer shelf life. Artwork does not go out of date and, if anything, only becomes more iconic with time.

Beatrice Garcia

For brands wanting to take their branding to the next level how can they get in contact with you?

Interested individuals can get in contact via the contact form on my website. I can also be reached via my Instagram.