SUSPLACE Sustainable Place Shaping commissioned Rita Reis to illustrate six children’s stories for a project called Once Upon the Future: Everyday Adventures that Change the World. The books are designed to trigger the children’s curiosity about their environments through both highlighting the connection between modern life and tradition and empowering readers to change their surroundings.

Rita was asked to produce 43 illustrations for the series after Rita’s unique style, whimsical characters, and strong use of vibrant colors attracted SUSPLACE to her work on Raised in Aveiro, Portugal, Rita graduated in Fine Arts-Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto. Her main areas of focus include illustration, sculpture, and design – where Rita often creates works of art for individual and collective exhibitions. Rita likes to explore themes that involve emotions and fantasy – inviting viewers to momentarily return to the moments of simplicity we experienced during childhood. Some of Rita’s stylistic techniques include Acrylic, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Decorative.

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