We’re pleased to highlight the stunning work of Katya Polezhaeva, a Russian illustrator currently based in Granada, Spain. Katya experiments with different techniques and materials in her illustrations, often fusing analogue techniques with digital tools.

Katya recently completed an illustration for a zine as part of a social project supporting women who were incarcerated in Russian correctional facilities. The zine presents a collection of these women’s life stories accompanied with illustrations created by various artists. Katya’s illustration tells a sad story of a woman who suffered from drug addiction and ended up in prison. Here’s Katya’s comment on the zine:

“[The womens’] choices were driven by a desire to find a solution and they started looking for it in a world of illusions. But they were pulled down by the strong current of drug addiction.

I hope that this zine will help their stories to be heard and draw attention to the problems and solutions for women who have been incarcerated in correctional facilities.”

To explore more work by Katya Polezhaeva, check out her portfolio or peruse her website.

Katya Polezhaeva