We’re starting this year off right with our recent book, Directory of Illustration 33, out now!

This latest release features cover & interior artwork by Owen Davey (represented by Folio), along with illustrations from hundreds of the best commercial illustrations in the field today.

Owen elaborates on how he approached the cover and inner spreads:

“I was given this year’s DOI theme which was ‘Make Them Look’ and decided to explore this idea as much as I could to try and find a narrative I could explore over the several pages I had to illustrate. I focused on the ‘look’ element quite early on and had a vague recollection of a mythical creature with lots of eyes; something that would both be weird and cool to see (make people look) and also have lots of angles to ‘look’ from. When I found the Ancient Greek story of Argus who had one hundred eyes and his task to look after lo, his secret lover, I thought it was an awesome tale and something I could really play around with. I took inspiration from the approach of ancient Greek artwork on pottery for the endpapers, using only a combination of an off-black, an orange, and an off-white.”

Read more about his strategy on the Folio blog.

About Owen
Owen works in a mixture of traditional and digital media. His fantastic use of color, texture and pattern help create fun and entertaining images that are perfect for engaging with audiences in a friendly and informative manner. His illustrations are used by advertising, editorial, and publishing clients across the board and are always a popular choice for children’s books and projects.

The printed Directory of Illustration serves as a welcome change for art directors that spend the majority of their workday staring at a computer screen. The book provides a clear idea of how an artist’s work translates in print.

Browse Directory of Illustration 33 here.

The book is available to select creatives. Find out if you qualify for a complimentary copy.

Check out sample pages from this year’s edition: