Paolo Lim for Mercedes

Hardie Grant Melbourne enlisted the help of Paolo Lim to create cover illustration & 7 chapter-opening artwork for a custom book produced for Mercedes-Benz.

Paolo is represented by The Illustration Room. See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at illustrationroom.com.au.

©Paolo Lim

Eyewash for Mental Floss

Eyewash recently completed an assignment for Mental Floss, featuring five illustrations for an article on Clair Patterson, the scientist who determined the true age of the Earth, created the first “clean room”, and fought for decades to have lead eliminated from gasoline.

The illustrations depict moments from Patterson’s professional life: testing new automotive fuels, digging for core samples in the Artic, and scaling active volcanoes to collect air samples, among others.

Check out more work from Eyewash through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at eyewashweb.com.





Marcus Marritt for Construction Manager

Marcus Marritt was commissioned to illustrate the front cover and full page editorial for the new look for Construction Manager magazine.

About Marcus

Marcus Marritt is an illustrator based in the UK whose work is based on a minimal approach. Marcus’ clients include Financial Times, goal.com, Chelsea FC, WIRED, Oreo Cookies, ASOS amongst much more.

See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and his website.

©Marcus Marritt


Nazario Graziano for Revista da Cultura

Nazario Graziano created a series of illustrations for Brazilian magazine, Revista de Cultura, for an article about children and their relationships with social media.

Nazario is represented by Agency Rush. See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at agencyrush.com.

©Nazario Graziano

©Nazario Graziano

©Nazario Graziano

Cannaday Chapman for The New Yorker

Check out this cover by Cannaday Chapman for The New Yorker‘s Food & Travel issue.

“For me, one of the finest things about traveling is trying new and exotic foods,” Cannaday says, about the inspiration for his cover.

Chapman recently returned from Argentina, where he ate “a whole lot of steaks and the best pork chops I ever had,” but has never visited China. “Everyone says they have the best street food,” he adds. “My Chinese friend was trying to get me there, describing the seahorses and also scorpions, lots of bugs. I’m told they taste like crab or lobster, which makes sense. Those are just sea bugs.”

View more of Cannaday’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and website.



Mary Ann Smith for New York Times

Check out these 4 illustrations by Mary Ann Smith featured on The New York Times website to accompany an article titled, “What to See at New York’s Art Fairs This Week”.

View more artwork by Mary Ann through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and her website.