Jessica Hancock was recently commissioned by the band Checkpoint Charley to design the album art for their second album, “Pomp, Twaddle & Bombas – Songs 13-24.”

In creating the album art, Jessica was asked to incorporate a “carnival” feel along with several elements representing specific songs and people the album is dedicated to. The artwork, measuring 25 inches by 25 inches, was originally rendered entirely by hand in pencil. The piece was then photographed and digitally inked and colored in Adobe Photoshop by Jessica.

jessica hancock checkpoint charley

jessica hancock checkpoint charley  jessica hancock checkpoint charley

Here’s how Jessica describes her artistic style:

“My artistic style is very clean and has been described in many ways, but my favorite is “Vennism”—breaking apart multivariate reality into constituent and relational elements as separated and nested 2D representations. Everything I draw or cut is done entirely by hand based on a finished image in my mind. I rarely sketch. The excitement is figuring out how to faithfully transfer what I see in my head to paper. From my perspective—nothing ‘wild’ is random, and everything ‘natural’ is ordered. It’s important for me to incorporate these personal truths in my artwork.”

Check out Jessica’s portfolio and visit her website for more unique illustrations.