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Stephanie Hans Creates Variant Cover for XMEN’s Jean Grey Comic Series

One of the main characters from the XMEN comics, Jean Grey, is receiving her own comic book series and Stephanie Hans assisted in creating one of the variant covers for the first book.

Stephanie is represented by Shannon Associates. Check out more of her work through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Stephanie Hans

The Balbusso Twins Create Artwork for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Anna + Elena Balbusso teamed up with Folio Society to create illustrations to accompany a re-release of Shakespeare’s comical masterwork, Twelfth Night, or What You Will.

Folio Society states that: “[…] The sisters’ dream-like, surreal illustrations, with their multi-layered meanings and nods to classical art, are the perfect accompaniment to Shakespeare’s play.”

The Balbusso twins are represented by Shannon Associates. See more of their work through their Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Anna + Elena Balbusso

©Anna + Elena Balbusso

Michael Koelsch’s Work Named Best Movie Poster of 2016

This hauntingly beautiful movie poster by Michael Koelsch for the movie, The Love Witch, has been recognized by both IndieWire & Cutprintfilm as one of the best movie posters of 2016.

The poster brings the days of technicolor glory back to life with its hand-drawn style and we LOVE it!

Michael is represented by Shannon Associates. Check out more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at


Iker Ayestaran Creates Labels for Estrella Galicia

Iker Ayestaran illustrated a series of beer labels to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Estrella Galicia, a brand of pale lager beer produced by Hijos de Rivera Brewery in A Coruña, Spain.

Iker is represented by Shannon Associates. To see more of his work, visit his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Iker Ayestaran

©Iker Ayestaran

©Iker Ayestaran

©Iker Ayestaran

World Illustration Awards 2016 Shortlist Announced

Featured image: Anna + Elena Balbusso (Rep: Shannon Associates) – Richard II portrait – Category: Books – Type: Professional


Directory of Illustration, in partnership with The Association of Illustrators (AOI), is delighted to announce the complete shortlist of selected entries to the World Illustration Awards 2016.

The judging panel of 24 international industry professionals includes: Executive Editor for Design and Pop Culture at TASCHEN Publishing House, Julius Wiedemann; Danish artist/designer duo Hvass&Hannibal; and publisher, Editorial Director and Senior Designer of TOON Books, Francoise Mouly, who has also been responsible for over 1000 covers of the New Yorker.

The final category winners will be announced in mid-June.

Congratulations to all the selected artists! View the full shortlist here.

Julinu Maia's Morning Malaise

Julinu Maia’s Morning Malaise – Category: Advertising – Type: New Talent

Marcus Marritt's Skinny Dipping

Marcus Marritt Skinny Dipping – Category: Self-Initiated Work – Type: Professional

Lok Kuang's Journey to the West

Lok Kuang Journey to the West – Category: Self-Initiated Work – Type: New Talent

Jungho Lee's Promenade

Jungho Lee Promenade – Category: Books – Type: Professional


Eda Kaban for Boston Globe Magazine

Eda Kaban‘s artwork was featured on the cover of Boston Globe. The image features George Jetson as an Uber driver in Boston and accompanies an article about the future of the gig economy.

Eda Kaban is represented by Shannon Associates. Check out more of her work through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

Petur Antonsson Joins Shannon Associates

We’re excited to share that illustrator Petur Antonsson is one of the newest additions to the Shannon Associates roster of talented artists!

Petur is a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. After graduating, Petur worked in the gaming industry before moving relocating to his native home – Iceland. He is currently doing freelance illustration work for various clients and companies around the world. His clients include Disney Interactive, Disney Playdom, HarperCollins Publishers, Greenwillow Books, Penguin-RandomHouse Publishers, Forlagið Publishers, Plain Vanilla, Booyah, Baozou, CloudKid Studios, Lazy Town, Freyja Chocolates, and The Icelandic Center for Educational Materials.

Much more of Petur’s work can be seen through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

©Petur Antonsson

Artist Spotlight: Eda Kaban

Eda Kaban was born and raised in Turkey with a great passion for drawing, reading, and monkey bars. She has traveled the globe wearing a backpack slightly larger than herself. Her travels brought her to the States where she studied illustration.

Her work can be seen in galleries from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and in a variety of publications. She has worked with clients such as Chronicle Books, Random House, Scholastic, HarperCollins, Perseus, Lufthansa Airlines, Mattel and The Village Voice among others. Her illustrations have been recognized by Society of Illustrators, Creative Quarterly and 3X3.

When she is not drawing, you can find her climbing some rocks, or biking the hills of the Bay Area. When she’s not drawing, Eda continues to search for stories through love, laughter, and observations of the people around her. She currently resides in San Francisco happily with her husband, where they continually water their plants too much.

Eda Kaban is represented by Shannon Associates. See more of her work at

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Award-Winning Illustrations for Mother’s Polish by Peter Bollinger

After seeing his work on, O’Leary & Partners hired Peter Bollinger, represented by Shannon Associates to illustrate a series of ads for Mother’s Polish.

Peter received a gold and several silver awards for his work on the campaign from this year’s American Advertising Awards.

About Peter Bollinger
Renowned in the field of commercial art, Peter Bollinger is an award winning digital artist and illustrator whose clients include Grey Advertising, Sony Entertainment, DreamWorks, Sega, Nintendo, Mars, Harper Collins, Scholastic and many other publishing, advertising, and entertainment organizations. Holding degrees in industrial and environmental design, Peter’s expertise ranges from the design of computer terminals and street furniture, to monorails and automobiles. Peter works both traditionally and digitally, although the two have become more and more similar with each passing technical innovation.

See more of Peter Bollinger’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at

Peter Bollinger

Peter Bollinger for Mother’s Polish
Agency: O’Leary & Partners

Peter Bollinger

Peter Bollinger for Mother’s Polish
Agency: O’Leary & Partners

Peter Bollinger

Peter Bollinger for Mother’s Polish
Agency: O’Leary & Partners

Scratchboard Stories: A Conversation with Nicolas Delort

Nicolas Delort is an award-winning illustrator currently living in the grey suburbs of Paris. Gathering inspiration from the daily and mundane as well as books and any kind of narrative medium, Nicolas tells stories, big and small, through evocative and intricate black and white compositions in his medium of choice – scratchboard.

A recent winner of the Gold Medal from the New York Society of Illustrators and a Gold Award from Spectrum, his work has been recognized by American Illustration, 3×3, Juxtapoz, Supersonic Electronic and This Is Colossal. Some of his clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Games Workshop/The Black Library, Quirk Books, and Solaris Books.

While he continues to work as a freelance illustrator, Nicolas has also started taking on a few projects as an Art Director with Black Dragon Press – an online gallery selling high-quality, limited edition prints.

We caught up with Nicolas to find out more about his background, career, and to take a closer look at a few of his recent projects.


Wakening the Crow | Solaris Books
Book by Stephen Gregory

Who are your artistic influences?

It’s hard to pick names because my influences are always changing. Stuff I liked two months ago now I don’t find particularly interesting. When I started doing this scratchboard stuff, Franklin Booth was an obvious influence and a lot of my early pieces are very derivative. However, I feel like I’ve outgrown that derivative phase and “absorbed” that influence. Now it isn’t as directly present and obvious as it once was. I’m always looking for new artists to inspire me so one week I’ll be really into Arnold Böcklin, the next I’ll be all about Akira Toriyama.

What have been some of the most challenging times of your career? What did you learn from those experiences?

A couple of years ago I had a month during which I had to complete a very large number of illustrations for a pretty important client. I thought I would never make it… but I asked the AD for some help and it all turned out fine. I learned that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the AD for some pointers. More often than not, they’ll be happy to help out. I also learned to work more efficiently and not doubt myself too much.


Thomas and Martha Wayne | French Paper Art Club
Limited edition licensed print for the 75th anniversary of Batman

On your Tumblr, you mention that you want to ‘step out of your comfort zone’
a little more. Have you been doing anything in particular to push yourself?

Actually, yes. Lately, I’ve been forcing myself to draw bigger, allowing me to work in more detail. It takes disproportionately more time, but I think the end result is worth it.

What’s your dream project?

People are going to say I’m a broken record, but illustrating the entire Harry Potter series would be amazing.


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug | Mondo
Artwork for a limited edition print

Last year you created a limited edition movie poster for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. How did you land this job?

I’d already done a poster for Mondo earlier and they offered me this one. As this was well in line with my style and I liked the first Hobbit movie, I accepted. I hadn’t actually seen this movie at that point, but I was sure there’d be plenty of imagery to pick from.

How long did it take you to complete?

I did a first version that I didn’t think was satisfactory, so I was a little short on the deadline for this second one. But, I worked overtime and I think I managed to complete it in under a couple of weeks, which is pretty fast compared to my usual standards!

Phantom der Nacht | Black Dragon Press
Movie poster for Werner Herzog’s ‘Nosferatu’

You’re currently doing art direction for projects with Black Dragon Press. Can you tell us a little bit more about the publisher and how you connected with them?

James of Black Dragon Press approached me last year to have me work on a print for Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu. I have done a few prints for them since and it has been a real pleasure working with them. As Black Dragon Press started to gain some notoriety and started to grow, James offered to have me art direct a couple of projects. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it allows me to take a bit of “time off” from illustration itself.

What have been some of the most difficult aspects of your new role?

The art director acts as sort of a middle-person between the company and the artist and has to deal with the limitations of both. You want to offer illustrators the best deal possible but sometimes it’s just not possible. On the other hand, you have to deal with the occasional unpredictability of freelancers – you have to be quick on your feet if something goes awry. Also, giving feedback to artists who are peers, or more experienced than I, is always a challenge.

Aguirre the Wrath of god | Black Dragon Press
Artwork for a licensed limited edition print

Are there any upcoming projects you’re really excited about?

The next two Tarkosvky posters are in the works and they promise to be amazing. I’m also putting together an ongoing series of art prints, with broad themes and emphasis on a variety of styles and illustrators. The first release in this series should be happening pretty soon. The two prints we have lined up are beautiful!

What’s your advice for illustrators who are just starting out?

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Try to forge a connection with your audience. Post work in progress and interact with the people who interact with you.

Nicolas Delort is represented by Shannon Associates

For a deeper look into his complete body of work, please visit his Directory of Illustration portfolio, website, and blog.