Artist Spotlight: The Style of Gavin Reece

Gavin Reece has style, a lot of it. Represented by the New Division agency, he’s one of London’s leading fashion illustrators. The majority of Reece’s work has a distinctively graphic feel to it. Having started his career by studying Fine Arts at Edinburgh and St. Martins, Reece has since taken his work worldwide, creating art for clients including Mercedes, Budweiser, Virgin Atlantic, Aquafresh, Elle, Penguin Books and more.

According to Reece, he gets his inspiration from cocktails, coffee, Italian design, 60’s LA, red wine, fashion, travel and movies. If you look closely, it isn’t hard to see many of these inspirations come to life in Reece’s works. One of his most recent projects was an illustration for Imbibe Magazin titled Bevvy Metal. Reece’s graphic novel style was the perfect fit to bring this gritty biker image to life.

You can see more of Reece’s work on his Directory of Illustration portfolio page or on his website.

Gavin Reece Gavin Reece Gavin Reece Gavin Reece Gavin Reece

To see more New Division artists, visit their portfolio page on the Directory of Illustration website.

An Abstract Spotlight

“There is no abstract art.  You must always start with something.  Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”

—Pablo Picasso


For many, abstract art can be difficult. Difficult to create and difficult to understand. It’s inherently different than most other types of art, almost by definition. Thus, many people look at it with reserve and misunderstanding.

It’s been argued that no one can truly tell you how to look at a piece of abstract art, not even the artist behind the creation. Whether that is true or not is up for debate. At the end of the day, abstract art, like almost all art, is deeply personal and it’s up to the beholder to abstract from it what they will.

All that being said, here’s just a handful of our favorite pieces of abstract art from some incredibly talented Directory of Illustration artists.

Next Disruptive Thing  by John Hersey

Next Disruptive Thing John Hersey

Untitled from Olivia Knapp

Olivia Knapp

Brainy Beauty  by Dave Plunkert

Brainy Beauty Dave Plunkert

Pattern 04  by Christina K

Pattern 04 Christina K

Paintbox  by Linda Carruth

Untitled from Simon Prades

Simon Prades


You can see more from all of these artists and others on the Directory of Illustration website.

Campaign Spotlight: Sergio Ingravalle For ESPN The Magazine

Illustrator Sergio Ingravalle created this intricate series of illustrations for ESPN The Magazine. Ingravalle used pencil, watercolor and ink to bring these two-dimensional NFL players to life and then applied a dose of digital editing to really drive home the effects.

Football is gritty, intense and brutal sport. Emotions run high every time the players take the field. With careful splashes of color and plenty of sharp lines, these illustrations manage to capture the intensity of the athletes in a unique and enchanting way.

According to Ingravalle, whose work shows a strong focus on dynamic sport illustrations, the goal of this series was “to lend movement to the static images and underline the energy of the sport.”

To see more of Ingravalle’s work, check out his Directory of Illustration portfolio.

Gronk Football

Anthony Kieren Illustrates Hollywood Legend, Burt Reynolds

A.E. Kieren was recently commissioned by the Smyth Hotel to document the hosting of the press facilities for TriBeCa Film Festival.

A.E. was able to draw a live portrait of Hollywood legend, Burt Reynolds, during a festival promoting his new film, Dog Years.

Check out more of A.E.’s work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and website.

From Paint to Pixels: A BTS Look at Dahl Taylor’s Art Process

Check out this behind-the-scenes video showcasing Dahl Taylor‘s process for creating promotional artwork for PERMA. Watch as his paintings are transformed into animations.

Dahl is represented by Mendola Artists. Browse his body of work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at mendolaart.com.

Dahl Taylor: Boston Beer

Dahl Taylor (represented by Mendola Artists) created watercolor art for the packaging design of a new product, a spiked seltzer in three flavors, from Boston Beer.

Dahl’s artwork is featured on the bottles and on the six-pack cartons.

Check out more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at mendolaart.com.

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

©Dahl Taylor

Clementine for Jimmy Choo 20th Anniversary Memento Collection

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, Jimmy Choo have launched Memento, a capsule collection paying tribute to their iconic red carpet moments.

The Illustration Room artist, Clementine, was commissioned to illustrate 20 of these beautiful shoes and bags. Her detailed watercolor illustrations intricately and expertly captured the magic of crystals, glitter, snakeskin and lace used throughout the collection.

View the collection here. Scroll down to the shoes and bags and click on “Pre-order Now”.

Also created by Jimmy Choo Creative Director, Sandra Choi is a Memento Trunk – a handmade trunk with twenty individual drawers to house a treasured shoe collection. Each drawer is finished with a brass card holder to accommodate one of the Memento sketches.

To see more of Clementine’s work, visit her Directory of Illustration portfolio or the website: illustrationroom.com.au.

© Clementine

© Clementine

© Clementine

© Clementine

© Clementine

© Clementine

Katharine Asher’s Wine Labels for Yellowglen’s Vintage Botanic Series

Katharine Asher was commissioned by Denomination Design to create imagery for Australian winemaker Yellowglen’s new Vintage Botanic series. Katharine painted flower studies and alluring figures which were then combined to produce the finished labels. The client wanted to celebrate “the beauty and joy that flowers bring.”

Katharine Asher is represented by Illustration Ltd. See more of Katharine’s work through her Directory of Illustration portfolio and at illustrationweb.us.


©Katharine Asher


©Katharine Asher


©Katharine Asher


©Katharine Asher


©Katharine Asher


©Katharine Asher

Maury Aaseng: The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor

Maury Aaseng is currently in the process of creating 7 step-by-step painting projects of various sea life for a new book from Walter Foster Publishing in Irvine, California entitled, The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor.

From the publisher:
The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor opens with a guide to essential information on the necessary tools and materials for both sketching and painting, including pencils, paints and brushes, palettes, supports, and mediums. In addition to learning about basic drawing and painting techniques and color theory, readers will learn how to create compelling compositions, achieve depth, and render realistic textures.This new title in the Collector’s Series features a large variety of stunning sea life, from an adorable sea otter to an magnificent whale. With a fresh, modern spin on this majestic subject, The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor is a comprehensive and indispensable resource, packed with beautiful illustrations and expert instruction, for all artists smitten with the animal kingdom.

The book is now available for preorder through Amazon with an expected release date of April 2016.

About Maury Aaseng:
Starting with his grade school days, drawing dinosaurs and animals in notebook margins, Maury Aaseng has always been excited about drawing and art. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design from the University of Minnesota—Duluth, Maury began his illustration career. The work spans a variety of subject matter and illustration styles. The range of work includes anatomical illustration and cartoons for medical textbooks, informative illustrations for young adult non-fiction, illustrated guides for out-patient care, How-to-Draw books, custom watercolor work for independent authors, and logo design and creation.

More of Maury’s work can be seen through his Directory of Illustration Portfolio and at mauryillustrates.com.


Parrotfish by Maury Aaseng for Walter Foster Publishing


Dolphins by Maury Aaseng for Walter Foster Publishing


Walrus by Maury Aaseng for Walter Foster Publishing

Haydn Symons for Cracked Eye Magazine

Haydn Symons recently collaborated with the great people over at Cracked Eye Magazine to produce four illustrations for their latest digital issue.

Responding to the story of Hope Street, Haydn came up with the illustrations which are shown alongside the story. Hope Street tells the tale of a Mother and Son living in Liverpool, and reveals their close relationship with each other.

Haydn created all of the illustrations using water color and gouache, and then transferred them into Photoshop for final editing.

He says,

I worked hard to make my illustrations fit well within the story; to not distract the viewer from the story, but to compliment instead. It was a great project to work on, which I had a lot of fun producing.

Great work, Haydn!


Haydn Symons, Cracked Eye



Haydn Symons, Cracked Eye



Haydn Symons, Cracked Eye



Haydn Symons, Cracked Eye